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Name.// Addison
Location.// Kansas

Favorite Bands.//BTBAM, ETID, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Locust, Daughters, The Bled, Unearth, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Evergreen Terrace, Converge, Fear Before The March Of Flames, August Burns Red, and First Blood
Most Memerable Show You've been to.// Last October with Between The Buried And Me, A Life Once Lost, and The End
Which CD is in your CD player RIGHT NOW.// Arcasia-"the only proof that we were even here"

Interesting Fact About You.// I referee basketball and football in the fall and umpire baseball in the summer.
Who's your idol and why.//I would say my mom. She has taught me so much and has kind of filled the void that my dad left behind when they got divorced. I'm a little more confident about going into the real world knowing that her knowledge has been passed my way.
Favorite Food.// Black Beans and Rice
Word that makes you lose it.// Beautiful (yeah, real orginal)

5 Words to describe the Mods.//Ravishing, Outlandish, Exquisite, Radiant, and Glamorous
Why should you be accepted.// Because i'm able to give people an opinion of why or why not I like them or not. I mod for the vanity_x_kills community so i'm always around to vote and promote.

What Makes You Hot.//I think what makes me hot is the 7/8" tunnels in my ears
MAKE UP 5 words for the word HOT (creativity rules).//Thermogenic, impassioned, libidinous, fervid, and sweltry. It's too early to make anything up.

[CAM WHORE] (Min of 3, Max of 8)

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